As a BD consultant CVC has guided Accenture with Business Intelligence and Business Development services.  To date Accenture has won the Financial Management System-III (FMS-III) for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) a $57 million award.  This project will become the basis for the Commonwealth's enterprise FMS solution replacing some 144 different financial systems.
CVC supported Oracle's efforts to renew the statewide license with Virginia and become the partner of choice for FMS-III with Accenture.
CVC was retained as the Business Development (BD) consultant for the Commonwealth of Virginia infrastructure outsourcing opportunity and as a member of the Executive Proposal Team.  Our job was to bring the "Richmond" sense and insights to the team that included relations, approach to these relationship and insights to the way Virginia in Richmond does business.  This involved not only introductions, pre-meeting briefings, but also proposal participation, "color" team reviews and strategies.  We also introduced key sub contractors and partners to the team as well as new employees who built credibility with the Commonwealth.  The results are the largest outsourcing contract for infrastructure in history valued at $2.5 billion, 10 years with a 3 year extension.

As the BD consultant for Gateway CVC created account strategies allowing the Commonwealth of Virginia team to become the most successful sales team in Gateway displacing Dell as the Commonwealth's defacto desktop provider.
CVC has teamed  Raytheon with the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC), Impact Makers with Deloitte and Social Services, Gateway with Social Services and Northrop Grumman.
As a sales, branch manager and Client Relationship Director for Unisys we managed and sold the Department of Social Services (DSS), Virginia State Police (VSP) and the Department of Information Technology (DIT) that proceeded the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA).  These sales are valued in the millions over the years.
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Executive Manager & Business Development | Management Consultant

Commonwealth of Virginia Consulting (CVC), LLC - Richmond Virginia (VA)

“Fred is one of the most knowledgeable resources in the Commonwealth for issues related to state agencies and - particularly - information technology. He has in-depth knowledge of state government policy, legislative initiatives and key decision makers. And he is very adept as identifying opportunities.” 

Bob Stolle, Exec. VP and COO, Core Consulting, Inc.


Work's hard at his craft. He a true Professional that can help your company grow with ROI. Always the net worker, he's the first to arrive and last to leave. His Federal IT working knowledge brings additional insights to any contract proposals. If you need a Federal, State or County business partner. He's the one you need on your team.

Phil Conein, President of TECHEAD. A Inc Fortune 5000 company 3 times in the row.” 

Phil Conein, President, TECHEAD

“Fred has an almost unlimited knowledge base of information about the Commonwealth of Virginia that enabled me to make decisions based on accurate and up to date information.” 

John Hagerty, Sales Manager, Electronic Systems

“Meet Fred Norman many years ago and still keep in touch as I have found him to be very knowledgable about the Virginia market. Very knowledgable about the people in the market place and able to help you learn what you need to know.” 

Phil Doty PMP, PgMP ®, Sales Representative, PCCI

“Fred Norman is a detail-oriented and goal-oriented Executive Manager with demonstrated experience in planning, developing, and implementing cutting edge strategies to address business opportunities. Fred has many years of experience in management, consulting and businesses operations. He possesses an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and has the expertise to match his client's products and services to emerging needs, facilitating negotiations with key personnel.” 

Belchior Mira, Chief Information Technology Officer, Virginia Department of Human Resource Management

“Fred Norman has been an active member of our CTC Cisco IT Advisory Board for the past 3 years. He continues to share his time and business expertise to help prepare students for future careers and higher education. His involvement and participation has helped to grow the Advisory Board and contributed to the many successes of this program. It is a privilege getting to know Fred and having him serve on our Advisory Board.” 

Scott Steinruck, Instructor - Chesterfield Technical Center, Cisco Networking Academy, Chesterfield County Public Schools

“Fred has a depth of knowledge in IT and the operations of state agencies that make him invaluable when doing business with the Commonwealth of Virginia. Fred also leads our Public Sector Consulting domain for the NAoMC. If you plan on doing business with the Commonwealth, Fred can save you months if not years of effort.” 

Ben Meredith, Board of Directors, National Association of Management Consultants (NAoMC)

“Fred is a highly motivated, energetic professional who focuses intently on identifying and exceeding his client's needs. In my dealings with Fred he has exhibited a keen intellect and is able to develop creative and effective solutions. He maintains high ethic standards in the conduct of his business and expects those he is involved with to do the same. I would recommend Fred without reservations to perspective clients and to current business associates.” 

Jim Barden, PMP, MS. ED., Engagement Mgr, UNISYS Corporation

“Fred Norman is well respected in his field and has done a many positive things in Chesterfield County and Virginia through his work. When I say that, I mean the work through which he earns his living. However, Fred is also community oriented and volunteers significant time and effort to organizations that better the community and from time to time help his clients. I first came across Fred as a Rotarian and found him to be a delightful man and humanitarian. He is an excellent father, I have met his children. The work Fred does is difficult, he helps find the way through the maze of red tape, government and bureacracy. He is always on the go, but he is always there to mentor and teach someone else about how the system works so they can do their job better. Through him I have learned a great deal and am grateful. I feel confident in recommending Fred Norman to any business management/leadership team. He will help make certain that you get your job done!”

Debra Girvin, President, Lochlyn Company

“Fred is very experienced in business development for many I.T. products and services in Virginia. I highly recommended his experience and knowledge to senior sales management to assist with decyphering the nuances of Virginia State and Local affairs and I.T. related issues.” 

Thu Stubbs, Services Business Development- Federal, State & Local, CDW-G

“Fred brought invaluable experience and knowledgeable stakeholders to the table to further the mission of the Virginia General Assembly's Joint Commission on Technology and Science. His service to the Commission during my tenure made my job easier and helped ensure that the studies and statutes were relevant and appropriate to the task at hand.” 

Mitchell Goldstein, Executive Director & Chief Counsel, Virginia General Assembly's Joint Commission on Technology and Science

“Fred is the "go-to-man" on matters of state and local government trends and directions. His relationships with the IT contractor industry is positive and he is trusted. I would work with Fred in any of my accounts.” 

Dave Garrett, Account Manager, COMSYS, a Manpower Company

“Fred, is our Practice Leader for Public Sector Consulting and is the person to know in Virginia State Business. The combination of business savvy and understanding of state operations makes him an invaluable resource to NAoMC and his clients. I heartily recommend Fred if you intend to do business in Virginia.” 

William Eastman, Executive Director, National Association of Management Consultants

“Fred has always been available to discuss issues of concern. He looks at the "big picture" and stays ahead of the curve. A great person to work with!” 

Rick Shinn, Public Relations & Marketing Consulting, The Shinn Group

“Very good relationship builder.
Very knowledgable on Commonwealth of Va policies and politics.
Good manager of business partners.” 

James McGuirk, President, AKLM Consulting, Inc

“It has been a pleasure working with Fred on advisory boards and has very helpful as an advisory regarding the VA Government vertical market.” 

Mike Rydel, Sr. Account Executive, Peak 10 Richmond

“I have interacted with Fred through various organizations in Chesterfield County and the Greater Richmond region. He has a keen sense for business in the area and the political impact of issues at both the local and state level.” 

Will Davis, Director, Chesterfield County / Economic Development

“If you are looking to business in the public sector and want Virginia to be your friend, Fred is the resource you need to know. Fred is a vat of knowledge and can make the connections that you need to save time, money and get plugged in. His niche is your gain.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Casey Burke Bunn,
hired Fred Norman as a Business Consultant in 2010

“Fred Norman's expertise at creating a competitive edge for his clients when they're pursuing contracts with the state of Virginia is second to none. His understanding of both sides of the equation - the IT needs of the state, and the products/services his clients can provide to fulfill those needs - combined with his deep connections throughout the state's leadership, put CVC's customers far ahead of their competition for state contracts. Sharp, ethical, and a creative thinker, Fred brings a lot to the table. I recommended him to any technology company looking to gain, or expand, their business with the Commonwealth.” 

Casey Quinlan, Mighty Mouth & Storyteller in Chief, Mighty Casey Media

“Any business looking to work with Virginia government would be well-served by working with Fred Norman. He is knowledgeable about Virginia government, connected and respected across the government technology landscape especially. He is ideally suited to help businesses of all sizes build and execute a sound business strategy with specific tactical objectives. As Virginia's first Secretary of Technology, I relied on his input, professionalism, knowledge and came to appreciate his integrity and character.” 

Donald Upson, Secretary of Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia

“I have known Fred for over six years. His knowledge of Virginia IT procurement, agencies and legislature is seen as one of the best in the state. I can recommend Fred to guide any business through the procurement maze of Virginia.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Christy Swanson, hired Fred Norman as a Business Consultant in 2004

“Fred Norman of CVC was a client of mine providing expert service in helping companies navigate into doing business with the State of Virginia. I would highly recommend him to get great results for any company as he has great integrity and professionalism with his contacts at the State of Virginia.” 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Win Clark, hired Fred Norman as a Business Consultant in 2008

“Fred has always been very knowledgeable and effective whenever I have needed his assistance, especially contacting party leaders.” 

Robert Washburn, Owner, Union Benefit Solutions, VA

“I have worked with Fred for a number of years. He knows his clients exceptionally well and takes the time to understand their needs. He is fantastic. I look forward to working with him in the future.” 

Rich Delaney, Software Account Manager, IBM

Director Corporate Program Management


“I've worked with Fred for a number of years in a variety of positions ranging from Major systems sales to external communications. I always found him to be knowledgeable, well prepared and a forward thinker. We worked on several customer situations where he proved that he understood not only the Unisys solutions but, more importantly, the customer situation and requirements.” 

Marty' 'Krempasky, Director, Product Strategy and Integration, Unisys

“I have known Fred for many years and found him to be a dedicated and loyal professional. Fred and his team launched many programs and products during his years at Unisys. His team was known for their support of the field personnel and customers, of which Fred led by example. Always ready to support and help, his expertise has always been well respected in our industry. I am very confident that Fred has brought the same professionalism to his own company and his clients today. I have no hesitation is recommending him!” 

Frank Fazio, VP Sales & Marketing, Unisys Corp.

“Fred was extermely helpful in understanding the Richmond landscape and effectively guiding our team to winning work with the Commonwealth of Virginia.” 

Valerie Perlowitz, President and CEO, Reliable Integration Services
was with another company when working with Fred Norman at UNISYS CORPORATION

Senior Business Development Manager State & Local Government


“Fred is a hard working, dedicated, positive and creative Business Development Manager. No mattter the assignment, Fred worked tirelessly to position the firm.” 

Bob Sturm, Senior Vice President, NIC Commerce